A letter to a young songwriter, from Mary Gauthier

A letter to a young songwriter, from Mary Gauthier “Nearly everything that matters is a challenge, and everything matters.” — Rilke You’ve watched your musical heroes take the stage to thunderous applause, adulation and love, and you burn for that, for yourself, and you want to be a professional writer

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Kelly Richey News & Updates

Kelly Richey News & Updates KRB Deep In The Groove This week The Kelly Richey Band is nearing the final stages of tracking for the next studio release.  Tobe Donohue, Rikk Manning and I have been deep in the groove, so stay tuned!!!  The journey around this record has been

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Good Things Going Around

Good Things Going Around: Cincinnati’s Kelly Richey Talks About Her Inspiration I’d like to introduce you to Kelly Richey. Kelly is a Cincinnati based musician, writer and educator who has been described as  “Stevie Ray Vaughan trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out”. Having shared the

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Kelly Richey’s Guitar Rig 2015

Kelly Richey’s Guitar Rig 2015 (2) Fender Deluxe Reverb Amps w/ Band (2) Fender Princeton Reverb Solo Line Drive Love Pedal Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah Pedal Boss Suppressor NS-2 (2) Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini Pedals Eventide H9 Boss Mini Volume Pedal TC Electronics Triple Flashback Delay Boss DD-20 Digital Stereo

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Experience Kelly Richey Solo…!!!

Experience Kelly Richey Solo…!!! Friday – Sept 18th, 2015 – Kelly Richey Solo Third Street Cigar – 8:00pm 20 N. Third. Waterville, OH Venue phone: (419) 441-0020. Kelly Richey Solo Guitar Instruction Workshop before show! Contact kelly@kellyrichey.com for info. Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Meaningful Monday sponsored by WWF(a)C…!!!

Meaningful Monday sponsored by WWF(a)C…!!! I was honored to be one of the writers at Monday night’s “Meaningful Mondays: Women Poets in the Courtyard” at Arnold’s in downtown Cincinnati.  Teri Foltz, Laurel Chambers, and Bev Bowers, three amazing writers from the Women Writing for (a) Change community, joined me.  Each

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