Back In The Saddle AGAIN…!

Back In The Saddle AGAIN…!

Rikk Manning, Tobe “TOBOTIUS” Donohue, and Kelly Richey are back in the saddle again with the release of Kelly Richey’s brand new album “Shakedown Soul”. This Saturday night kicks off the first of six CD release parties for the KRB fan base until festival season begins!

12/19/15 – Kelly Richey Band – 8pm
Dayton, OH    – Oddbody’s Music Room

Tonight the band was rehearsing in Kelly’s studio— working out the kinks and getting the new songs ready for the live show, which is sure to be ROCKIN! Be sure to check out the story behind the making of “Shakedown Soul”…

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya Ziegler

If You Wanna Rock – We’re Gonna Roll!
Kelly Richey’s “SHAKEDOWN SOUL”

“Shakedown Soul” has been a journey filled with profound personal growth, just as all of my prior sixteen CD’s have been. Let me tell you the story:

I went to Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Productions in December 2014 with 5 songs that I’d written to drum loops. I wanted to cut them live with drummer Robby Cozensa, Robby is a brilliant drummer and we approached the sessions like the White Stripes and The Black Keys— raw, real and organic. We added bass and keys, mixed, and did a basic mastering process. I also recorded two music videos, “Love” and “Afraid To Die” for release in February and March of 2015 and started booking and playing shows.

During my continued writing for “Shakedown Soul”, I had begun putting together a solo show and hired Tobe “Tobotius” Donohue to help me design my “spaceship” with loops, beats and new exciting elements that were cool and fun to work with. I was having a blast! While working with Tobe one day I asked him to play a set of drums set up in his studio— Woah!!! I was taken aback! He sounded like John Bonham and the loops he gave me that day sounded like a blend of blues, rock, funk and hip-hop— just what I’d dreamed of playing to in a solo setting.

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya ZieglerCurious, I asked Tobe if he would consider playing festivals only with me, (if I could find a bass player that made him want to play!) He said he would consider it, but stressed that he too wanted to do something that was fun, creative and inspiring. I went on a search and after several weeks of looking I found Rikk Manning. Tobe, Rikk and myself met up in my studio with the new songs and songs from my most recent live CD, started playing and, WOW magic began to happen! During the course of 2015, I played over 25 festivals and concerts with my new rhythm section and I’ve honestly never known such musical or professional happiness! I had long-time Kelly Richey Band fans saying, “This is the best I’ve every heard you sound”, and, “I’ve never seen you having so much fun AND where on earth did you find these awesome guys!!!???”

All the while, I kept song writing and I wrote some of the strongest material I’ve written to date….songs that access the deepest parts of my soul. The writing process was interwoven with my training to become a facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change (WWF(a)C) where I had three week long workshop intensives this summer to write and develop. That has been a very rewarding experience and one that I will treasure forever.

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya ZieglerIn early October of this year I attended a writing workshop with Mary Gauthier, one of my absolute favorite songwriters of all time, and there I wrote the last song for the new CD. I called it, “I Want To Run”— a deeply personal and prophetic song that captured many of the struggles I faced and have continued to face as an artist and a human being. I give song writing credit to Mary as her advice throughout the workshop helped me to see the song that needed to be written. She helped me find the truth I was afraid to write about and ultimately afraid to face. Songwriting credits on “Shakedown Soul” are also given to Sonya Ziegler because she has been my musical sounding board for over five years now— she was very much involved in the development of my solo show, my acoustic CD “Finding My Way Back Home”, my poetry book “Whisperings – A Collection Of Poems By Blues Guitarist Kelly Richey”, my last studio CD release “Sweet Spirit”, and now “Shakedown Soul”.

The angst, joy, new growth in learning to accept myself, facing some hard truths and fears, and personal development process I’ve been through this past year has been just that, a “shakedown” of my very soul.

This past October I celebrated being sober now for 6 years but it’s just recently that I’ve started into a 12-step recovery process because I find that as a person with an addictive personality, being an “a-holic” continues in the form of negative patterns and ways of behaving until really being dealt with. For me, I’m a workaholic and the struggle with self worth is non-ending. There is no amount of success that can heal such wounds, so I’m happy to share that this year has presented many things to be thankful for— sobriety for 6 years, an amazing collection of friends that support and love me, Sonya Ziegler whom has stood by my side through the difficulties that a busy career and personal struggles presented, my mom and dad for loving me unconditionally, and you— each and every one of you who’s taking the time to read these words.

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya ZieglerAfter touring with my band this summer and sharing so much magic on stage, I knew that I wanted Tobe to produce the CD— and I asked for he and Rikk to play on the tracks. During the recording process we didn’t even see each other, as we all have our own personal recording studios, we all trusted each other musically. I asked Tobe to bring in elements of his production skills like “scratching”, DJ work, and his hip-hop and funk background from years of production work with Bootsy Collins, and I said “Dude, make me cool!” And he did… coupled with Rikk Manning’s stunning bass work throughout these tracks; laying down the best and deepest bass grooves I’ve EVER heard in my life! WOW— I’m thrilled! Sonya Ziegler did the amazing artwork and photography for the CD, and designer Gary Kelley put it all together. Their team work to bring Sonya’s artistic master to print is the icing on the cake. Me, I just play guitar and sing! LOL!

I’m proud to introduce to you “Shakedown Soul”— and I’m releasing this to my fan base first, before taking the CD to national press and radio. With your order, you’ll get an immediate FREE download of ”Shakedown Soul” to listen to while you wait for the hardcopy of the CD’s arrival on your doorstep.

I Thank you in advance for giving me a place to land in this crazy and wonderful musical landscape. I can’t wait for you to hear “Shakedown Soul”!

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya Ziegler


Friday night Kelly Richey will be flying solo in Waterville, which is just outside of Toledo, Ohio— at 3rd Street Cigar, home of John Henry’s blues club. If you’re in the area stop by and prepare yourself for a special sonic treat as Kelly burns up the fretboard on her vintage ’65 Strat. It’s a show you won’t forget!

12/18/2015 at 08:00 PM
Waterville, OH

A Tribute to Gene Curtis R.I.P. — For those who knew Gene Curtis he loved the BLUES and one of his all-time favorite artist was Kelly Richey . In a tribute to Gene Curtis his life and the contributions that he made to the Blues Music scene, Kelly Richey will perform a live performance dedicated to Gene Curtis! The performance will be Friday December 18th from 8:30 to 11:30 at Third Street Cigar in Waterville, Ohio. We invite all to attend and remember Gene and enjoy the music that he so dearly loved.

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey News & Updates

Kelly Richey News & Updates

“Shakedown Soul” has arrived and starts shipping on Monday to Kelly Richey Fans only!  For a limited time – get a FREE digital download of the CD immediately when you purchase the NEW CD!  All CD’s will be autographed by the band!


Kelly Richey News & Updates Splash PageCheck out the list of CD Release Parties:


12/10/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – Live On Air Performance – 6:30pm
Louisville, KY – Crescent Hill Radio All – WCHQ 100.9 FM

12/11/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – Live On Air Performance – 9am    
Louisville, KY – WHAS TV 11 – Great Day Live

12/11/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – 8pm    
Louisville, KY – The Planet Bar & Bistro
Special Guest – “Julius”

12/18/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – 8pm
Waterville, OH    Third Street Cigar


12/19/15 – Kelly Richey Band – 8pm
Dayton, OH    – Oddbody’s Music RoomKelly Richey News & Updates - ShakedownSoul-Poster

Kelly Richey News & Updates - Women Writing for (a) Change WRITING WORKSHOP:

12/05/15 – The Many Faces of Writers Block – 12:30pm to 3pm
Saturdays, December 5th, 12th, and 19th, 2015

Women Writing for (a) Change
6906 Plainfield Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Venue phone: 513-272-1171

Cost: $60 for series (sliding scale available)

Kelly Richey is a certified writing facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change (affiliated with the WWf(a)C in Cincinnati, Ohio and offers writing circles and writing workshops.

Writers Block: Three Part Series – this workshop can be run as a full day event with three two-hour sessions and lunch break, or as a workshop, or as a series with three separate sessions at two and a half hours each.  Series description below:

  • Session I – The Inner Critic
  • Session II – Procrastinator
  • Session III – The Muse

Have you ever experienced writer’s block, suffered from procrastination, or had your writing muse show up when you’re busy only to vanish when you finally clear time to write? In this three-part series, you will make space for the many voices in your head who can block your writing and reflect on your relationships with them. Through writing, sharing, listening, and discussing, we create an inner writing circle for each of us to return to in our busy lives whenever we are feeling stuck. Connect with your Muse and learn what it needs to remain present!

Kelly Richey is an award-winning blues musician, poet, songwriter, guitar teacher, and life coach.  Richey has made her mark through the power of her voice, figuratively and literally.  Kelly leads writing workshops as a facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change and was certified through the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA).

Kelly Richey News & Updates

Kelly Richey News & Updates

October has been a very busy month.  I kicked off the month by attending a songwriting workshop in Nashville, TN with one of my all time favorite writers, Mary Gauthier.  This four day event took workshop participants into a deep dive of intensive songwriting adventures.

While attending, I wrote the final song titled “I Want To Run” for my upcoming new CD– set for release in late 2015.

If you’re not hip to Mary’s work, I encourage you to check her out; in my opinion, she’s one of the finest songwriters in the market today.  If you’re a songwriter, I highly recommend her writing workshops– it’s put on by Lydia Hutchinson, founder of Performing Songwriter Creative Workshops.

Mary Gauthier Songwriting Workshop

Upon returning home, I headed straight into the studio for final tracking and mixing and I’m happy to announce that we should start mastering this week!  The CD artwork will be unveiled the first week of November, and pre-orders will begin.  The CD is produced by my drummer, Tobe “Tobotius” Donohue.  Tobe and Rikk Manning joined forces with me in creating a sound that is truly FRESH and ROCKIN’ …!!!

The CD artwork was done by Sonya Ziegler and it’s stellar!  Sonya’s help and support in developing the material for this album, coupled with Tobe and Rikk’s brilliant musicianship and Tobe’s outstanding production approach leaves me deep in the groove!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the artwork next week and pre-order details!

Tobe Donohue and Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Rikk Manning and Tobe Donohue - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey Band: Artist Spotlight in Blues-E-News

Kelly Richey Band: Artist Spotlight in Blues-E-News

Cincinnnati Blues Festival Features Women In The Blues

Ok its out! Just published the new WIM issue! I hope you like it.. We worked really hard on it! sighnup to read online.. ITS FREE!

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 3.07.28 PM

2015 Woman In Music feature

4: Editorial – Wayne Rinehart
5: B-E-N Staff Writers
6-9: Fiona Boyes – Sue Miller
10: Carolyn Wonderland – Big Earl
11: Brigitte Rios Purdy – Tino Anglade
12-13: Val Starr & the Blues Rock – Lori Graboyles
14-15: CD Review; Lance Boyd – Healthy Listening with Maria Atkins
16: Me & Lydia Pense – Dana Moret
17: Michelle D’Amour & the Love Dealers
18-20: Dr. Izzy Band [From Colorado with Love] – Debra Stocker
21: Billie Holliday – Randi Adelman
22: Art by: Rich Helwig
23: Women Vocalists [20 Feet from Stardom] – Tino Anglade
23: On-the-Air @ KUCI 88.9 FM – Janeane Bernstein
24-27: She Rocks Music Awards [NAMM 2015] – Casey Reagan
28-31: Women in Blues [WiB Organization] – Wayne Rinehart
photos by: Anthony Earl 32-33: Sarah Blackwood Interview – Phillip Ward
34: Vig Guitars – Angie Vig
35&51: Snowy White @ the Iridium NYC: Greg Lewis
36: Little Devils [UK] – Yoka
37: Butterflies & Snakes – Crooked Eye Tommy
37: Peach
38: Shari Puorto
39: Lori Paradis / Cara Crash
40-41: Bessie Smith
42: Sista Monica Parker – Raul Watson
43: 100 Years of Willie Dixon – Raul Watson
44-45: EG Kight [Holdin’ On] – Sunny Stephens
46: ‘Let It Rain’ [CD Release] – Deb Ryder
47: Octavia / Jo Dare
48-51: Tia Carroll Interview – Emily Zisman
52-53: Remembering BB King – Ed Kociela – photos by: Cristina Arrigoni
54: Daniel Castro Band – Wayne Rinehart
55: BB Chung King – Howlin’ Blind Muddy Slim
58-59: Laura Cheadle Interview – Suzanne Swanson
60-72: Readers Choice Top 25 Women in Music 2015 – Wayne Rinehart
71: ‘For a Change’ [CD Release] – Brad Hatfield Band
74: ’10 Miles of Bad Road’ [CD Release] – Karen Lovely
75: Blue Commotion – Zoe Schwartz
76-77: Molly Young & Bolt Records – Raul Watson
78: Artist Spotlight on – Kelly Richey
79 – 83 & 85: Cincy Blues Fest – Raul Watson
84-85: Women of NAMM [Girls Girls Girls] – Che Zuro
86-87: New Blues Festival – Long Beach California
88-89: Women weave their way into music tapestry by Ed Kociela – photo by: Wayne Rinehart

Photo by Lisa Scrimizzi Jones


The Kelly Richey Band at the Lebanon Blues Festival 2015

The Kelly Richey Band at the Lebanon Blues Festival 2015

The weather was perfect, the audience was amazing and the line up of musical performers was a perfect mix– key elements required for a night of musical magic…!  Here’s a few photos of The Kelly Richey Band playing shortly after Noah Wotherspoon and right before Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers at this years Lebanon Blues Festival 2015.

BTW– Rikk Manning (Bass) and Tobe Donohue (Drums) ROCKED…!  I’m having so much fun playing with these new band mates!

Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178 Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178  Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178 Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178 Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178        Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178 Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178     Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178  Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178 Kelly Richey Band at Lebanon Blues Fest - Photos by Jeff Shiflett - 178

Photos by Jeff Shiflett

Hello from New Mexico!

Hello from New Mexico! 

It’s been an eventful week with lots of travel that started off in Cincinnati with my band,  and is wrapping up in New Mexico before heading home.  On Tuesday The Kelly Richey Band played in Cincinnati’s Fountain Square for the Major League Baseball Parade.  On Friday I was in Taos, New Mexico playing a live radio show on KTAO, and then on to a wonderful music festival in Aztec, New Mexico, Close to the Colorado border.

Today I’m holding a guitar instruction workshop in Aztec before heading back home for shows this weekend in my home town of Lexington on Friday, and a new club in Louisville, KY called the Planet.

Check out the photos from this weeks journey…!

This Week Kelly Richey Solo:

Friday – July 24th, 2015
Kelly Richey Solo – 9pm
Natasha’s Bistro
112 Esplanade Alley
Lexington, KY
Venue: (859) 259-2754

Saturday – July 25th, 2015
Kelly Richey Solo – 8pm
The Planet Bar & Bistro
1565 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY
Venue: 502-654-7866

The Kelly Richey Band Live at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, OH – Kelly Richey, Rikk Manning, Tobe Donohue

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler      Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya ZieglerKelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

On the very last song the heaven opened up and it started to rain– we were soaked!!!!!

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya ZieglerKelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey Live on KTAO in Taos, NM

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya ZieglerKelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey Solo in Aztec, New Mexico

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler   Kelly Richey - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band at Thunder Bay Blues Festival

The Kelly Richey Band at Thunder Bay Blues Festival

We had a blast this past weekend at the Thunder Bay Blues Festival!  The Thunder Bay Blues Festival staff were super nice– we’d like to give a shout out to say THANK YOU– we really enjoyed ourselves!  The weather was perfect and the crowd was amazing… the festival was located on the Northern shore of Lake Superior — wow — what a view!

Everything was great until the drive home… the water pump went out in the van and we were stranded just outside Duluth, MN.  A wonderful family (Linda and Mike Rosin) who lived across from where we broke down were kind enough to give Rikk and Tobe a ride to the Duluth airport to rent a car so they could get home to their families– and Sonya and I stayed behind while the van was serviced.  Thank you Mike and Linda! Your kindness and helpfulness were very much appreciated, and we will be sure to “pay it forward”!

The van broke down on Sunday — it’s Tuesday and we’re still stranded, however, the van is scheduled to be finished by this evening and we should (fingers crossed) be on our way back to Cincinnati by tonight.

Thank you to all who came out to see us play in Canada.  We look forward to coming back–  see you down the road!

The Kelly Richey Band - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Rikk Manning, Tobe Donohue, Kelly Richey

The Kelly Richey Band - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band Photos with Heart and Boston

The Kelly Richey Band Photos with Heart and Boston

This has been a very BUSY past few weeks!!!  The Kelly Richey Band kicked things off by playing “The Bash” in Middletown, OH on Wednesday of last week.  On Friday, I entered a week long retreat with WWf(a)C and slipped out for a 24 hour period to join the band to open for Heart in PA and once the retreat ended yesterday, Thurdays at noon, I headed straight to Kettering, OH to the Fraze Pavilion to open for Boston last night.  Today we get back in the van and head to Thunder Bay, Ontario for one of Canada’s largest blues festivals where we play tomorrow night!

Here are some photo highlights from the Heart and Boston Concerts– I will write and reflect on our journey’s when I return!

To see all photos from the concerts: Click Here

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Heart at the Sypglass Winery

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Heart_Photo by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Heart_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 186

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Heart_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 188

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Heart_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 191

Ann Wilson of Heart

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Heart_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 192

Nancy Wilson of Heart

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Boston at Fraze Pavilion

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Boston_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 183

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Boston_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 184

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Boston_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 192

The Kelly Richey Band opening for Boston_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 193

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band LIVE – WE WILL ROCK YOU!

The Kelly Richey Band LIVE – WE WILL ROCK YOU!

This past weekend the Kelly Richey Band hit the road for two festivals– unfortunately, the festival in Indiana was rained out, but the festival in Alpena, Michigan was alive and well. The weather was a little cooler than we expected, but once we started playing we warmed up quickly! The crowd was great, and we really appreciate all those who came out to see us! Check out the photos for KRB in action: Rikk Manning on bass guitar, and Tobe Donohue on drums (and DJ scratching) are two of the best matches for my guitar work to hit the stage yet! I’m thrilled to be playing with these two masterful musicians– we have a great time off stage as well as on, and I couldn’t be happier! Check out the photos below: (Photos by Sonya Ziegler)

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 169

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 47

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 120

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 140

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 138

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 157

This week The Kelly Richey Band kicks things off in Middletown, Ohio for the BASH, and then we open for Heart on Sunday, June 28th and Boston on July 2nd at the Fraze Pavillion. We can’t wait to play these shows!

On Saturday, July 4th the band leaves USA soil and travels into Canada for the Thunder Bay Blues Fest!  The next two weeks will be filled with great shows and lots of travel– please mark your calendars now and come join the fun, we’d love to see you!


Wednesday, June 24th – 7:30 pm
Broad Street Bash
Middletown, OH

Sunday, June 28th – 6:30 pm
Spyglass Ridge Winery
Sunbury, PA
Opening for Heart

Thursday, July 2nd – 7pm
Fraze Pavilion
Kettering, OH
Opening for Boston

Saturday, July 4th – 7:30 pm
Thunder Bay Blues Festival
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 172

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 137

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 73

The Kelly Riche Band at Alpen Blues Fest - Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 107

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey News & Updates

Kelly Richey News & Updates

My only day off was spent in The Villages where a dear friend was kind enough to let us stay a few days in her summer home.  The Villages is a large community of (mostly) golfers, with great restaurants AND a Starbucks just one mile for the house.  Thank you John and Mary, I really appreciate your kindness and generosity!

On Saturday, we drove a few hours on back roads to a little town named Palatka where the Blue Crab Festival that I’ve played on several occasions is held.  Unfortunately a favorite spot of mine, Billy’s Downtown Blues, recently closed, but the locals who support music are still alive and well in supporting Billy and his wife Gaye to hold backyard ”house parties”.  Billy and Gaye’s home has a large backyard that had a stage and lights and plenty of seating.  I played to packed house– it was a mini rock concert and oh, so much fun!  Thank you Billy and Gaye for hosting this event, it was a blast!

On Sunday, we headed to Bradenton (near Sarasota) for a guitar instruction workshop and evening performance at Ace’s where I’ve played for a number of years.  My longtime friends who recently moved to this area from Michigan live just two miles from Ace’s.  After guitar lessons, and a live performance to a warm and welcoming crowd we grabbed our last nights sleep before heading home. Chista and Hugh are known for their hospitality and we awoke to fresh blueberries, mangos, chocolate croissants AND a cooler packed with healthy food for the long drive home!  Also, Christa and Hugh were kind enough to take Sonya on a mini-tour of the area so that she could take some photos.  Thank you Hugh and Christa, your hospitality was wonderful— and it was so nice to catch up with you!

Once on the road, we stopped at RVR Horse Rescue to visit one of my dearest, lifelong friends, Kitrina Kelly and see the amazing work being done to save animals that have been abandoned, abused, or no longer wanted. It was hot, but well worth the heat and bright sun to tour the rescue.  RVR Horse Rescue is a non-profit organization and is run strictly by volunteers.  It truly is an amazing place staffed with wonderful, loving, selfless women who give 100% to the animals they rescue.  RVR Horse Rescue has a fan page on Facebook which is updated regularly and has some wonderful stories of the horses they have rescued.  Please Facebook “Like” them— they would truly appreciate it! Sonya got some amazing photos— check these out:

Back home to Cincinnati this week for two solid days of teaching and a recording session with the amazing Cheryl Renee before hitting the road again for more festivals and opening for Heart with the band! This will be a GREAT show, and we are very, very excited and honored to be opening for one of my all-time favorite bands!

This week The Kelly Richey Band hits the road for a long string of festivals:

Friday, June 19th, 2015 – 8pm
Loogootee Summerfest
Loogootee, IN

Saturday, June 20th, 2015 – 10pm
Alpena Blues Festival
Alpena, MI

Wednesday, June 24th – 7pm
Broad Street Bash
Middletown, OH

Sunday, June 28th – 7pm
Spyglass Ridge Winery
Sunbury, PA
Opening for Heart

Kelly Richey in Pensacola, FL - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey in Pensacola, FL - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Pensacola Beach, FL – Paradise Bar & Grill

Kelly Richey in Paltaka, FL - Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey in Palatka FL - Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Palatka, FL – Billy’s Downtown Blues

Kelly Richey in Bradenton FL - Aces - Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey in Bradenton FL - Aces - Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Bradenton, FL – Ace’s Live Music

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey “Summer Of LOVE” Tour 2015

Kelly Richey “Summer Of LOVE” Tour 2015

Get ready for the “Summer Of LOVE” Tour with Kelly Richey, Tobe Donohue, and Rikk Manning!  Check out this fantastic list of festivals, and be sure to mark your calendar.  Recently, I’ve added several new festival dates, such as the Fraze Pavilion where The Kelly Richey Band will open for the rock band Boston, and the Thunder Bay Festival, where the band will be sharing the bill with Johnny Lang and Paul Rogers!  We can’t wait!  Also, I’m excited to be playing three festivals solo– one taking me all the way to New Mexico!  The band is blending many new sounds into the show, and will be playing some old favorites as well as new material from the upcoming new CD!  I’m looking forward to seeing old fans and friends and making new ones as well!.  I hope to see you there!

Note:  Stay tuned for a visual feast this summer as Sonya Ziegler will be traveling to all shows and photographing our Summer of LOVE Tour!

The Kelly Richey Band Festivals 2015

May 22, 2015 – Lexington, KY – MoonDance at Midnight Pass Amphitheater
May 23, 2015 – Elizabeth, KY – BBQ, Blues & Bikes 2015 Festival
May 30, 2015 – Sunbury, PA – Crow Music Festival at Spyglass Ridge Winery
June 19, 2015 – Loogootee – IN – Loogootee Summerfest 
June 20, 2015 – Alpena, MI – Alpena Blues Festival
June 24, 2015 – Middletown, OH – Broad Street Bash
July 2, 2015 – Kettering, OH – Fraze Pavilion – Opening for Boston
July 4, 2015 – Thunder Bay, ON – Thunder Bay Blues Festival
August 1, 2015 – Lebanon, OH – Lebanon Blues Fest
August 7, 2015 – Cincinnati, OH – Cincinnati Summer Blues Festival
August 14, 2015 – Thornton, NH – White Mountain Boogie
September 5, 2015 – Eaton, OH – Eatonic Music Festival 2015
September 15, 2015 – Somerset, KY – Lake Cumberland Blues BBQ & Arts Festival

Kelly Richey Festivals 2015

Juy 9, 2015 – Hamilton, OH – RiversEdge Amphitheater Concert Series
July 18, 2015 – Aztec, NM – Animas River Blues Festival
August 28, 2015 – Cincinnati, OH – Womens Way Concert Series @ Centennial Barn

Kelly Richey_Photo by Sonya Ziegle

Kelly Richey

Tobe Tobotius Donohue 1

Tobe “Tobotius” Donohue

Rikk Manning

Rikk Manning

More Than A Feeling

More Than A Feeling

YES, it’s More Than A Feeling– it’s a reality!  I’m excited to announce that The Kelly Richey Band will be opening for Boston (the band) at Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, OH on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015.  Get your tickets now because this show will sell out!

Click here for concert information:

Boston-The Band

Back by popular demand, Tom Scholz’ band BOSTON will embark on another highly anticipated tour. Always a huge crowd pleaser with their high-energy stage show, out-of-this-world sound, and remarkable musicianship and singing, BOSTON prides itself on performing a totally live show without the use of prerecorded music or technical enhancements, delivering the extraordinary sound that is faithful to their studio recordings.

BOSTON became an iconic classic rock fixture when they joined the music scene with their self-titled album in 1976. With over 17 million copies sold, Boston generated hits such as “More Than a Feeling,” “Peace of Mind,” and “Smokin’,” rock staples that are still in heavy rotation today. Their second album, Don’t Look Back was another chart-topper that confirmed their place in rock history, followed by Third Stage, which hit #1 on the charts, with the top single of 1986, “Amanda.” With over 31 million albums sold to date, BOSTON has stood the test of time, as evidenced by live audiences that span generations.

Fans can expect to hear all the classic songs they have grown to love, and will be treated to some new additions to their set list based on recent requests. Enjoy wild Hammond organ work, soaring harmony guitars, and exceptional vocal arrangements, as well as BOSTON’s unique visual stage presentation and plenty of extra-terrestrial sounds heard nowhere else on Earth.

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Kelley Richey is a no-holds-barred, serious axe grinder. Setting up her band as a power trio (drums, bass, and guitar) showcases her muscular, incendiary leads and masterful guitar chops. Playing live is where Richey shines, literally bringing down the house at every show she plays. Cognizant of the emotionality in her live shows, Richey steamrolls; she hits the audience hard and fast, grabs on and doesn’t let go.

Making music that’s hard rocking, blues-based, and guitar driven, she blasts her audiences with jaw-dropping lightening fast riffs and a muscularity of playing that even many of the best male guitarists don’t possess. Her soulful voice– a big, powerful alto, provides the arc that completes the circle for a total sonic experience that is not to be forgotten.

Kelly Richey News & Updates

Kelly Richey News & Updates:

I’ve been in an active songwriting phase this past year, but with constant touring my song ideas were just stacking up on my computer and notebook.  Once touring ended in early winter of 2014, I began working again with Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Productions in Lexington, Kentucky to begin recording new material.

I’ve been so fortunate to record with wonderful, amazing musicians who I also call friends: Robby Cozensa (Drums), Blake Cox (Bass), and Lee Carroll (Keys).

Robby Cozensa_Shangri-La Studios_Phots by Sonya Ziegler - 52

I’m taking quite a different approach as I record my next CD than I’ve done with my previous studio releases.  I’m allowing myself the luxury to write, record, experiment with sound, play my new songs solo, and then bring all of the new material into rehearsal with my new band.  I recorded a music video “Love” in December from a song from the first round of recordings, and last week I completed my latest music video “Afraid To Die” from the second round of recordings.  I’m so very excited to have the freedom to create and expand musically both solo and with my new band!  I’d like to thank Jeremiah Oschwald of for all of your hard work in making these two videos come together!  I’d also like to thank Sonya Ziegler for your direction and input throughout all phases of these projects!

Kelly Richey_Shangri-La Studios_Phots by Sonya Ziegler - 42

Yes, I have a new rhythm section!  In early February I began working with a new set of musicians.  I was very keen on crafting a fresh new sound with my new songs, and also morphing some of my older material to give it a bit of an updated twist musically. The creative process must be fed and nurtured, and this change is proving to be the musical support I need as I continue to create and expand my musical horizon.

My new drummer, Tobe “TOBOTIUS” Donohue mixed my 2014 CD, The Kelly Richey Band Live At The Blue Wisp, and he also played on “Sister’s Gotta Problem”.  Tobe has been working with me in the studio to create the beats that I need to take my solo show to a level that allows me to jam at new heights on my guitar.  The raw space of one electric guitar against a heavy groove is something I LOVE about the Black Keys and White Stripes!  I have more musical freedom now than I’ve had since the earliest part of my career—when marketing wasn’t part of the equation, and music was 100% of the drive.  Tobe is a masterful player and a great friend.  His extensive list of credentials is simply staggering, and his down-to-earth nature is so refreshing!

Rikk Manning is a bassist I’ve seen and heard about for years— and when I called him it was perfect timing as he was very interested in getting involved in a new project.  Rikk is truly a powerhouse bass player masterful at funk, rock, blues and jazz— playing both electric bass and upright bass.  He’s even been known to add distortion to an upright bass and tear it up in ways that are wickedly unique and powerful!  Rikk writes as well, and just released a new single from a CD he’s working on.  It’s wonderful to explore new territory in such capable hands!

Kelly Richey Photo Shoot 4_Photo by Sonya Ziegler - 74

As a last note: I’m starting to deliver live guitar instruction workshops at a new music school here in the Cincinnati area.  I will be offering six-week workshops that include access to my online instructional videos as part of the package.  All ages and all levels are welcome!  I want to insure you that I enjoy working with beginners just as much as I enjoy working with advanced students!  I will be doing workshops on the business of music, social media marketing, and building your fan base.  I’m excited to be working with this great team of instructors: Be sure to check out ETB Music for all your music instruction needs.  My workshops will be Tuesday night at 6:30 PM starting April 14th.  ( ETB Music | 5958 Harrison Ave. | Cincinnati, OH 45248 | 513-289-0104 )

New video, new band, new festival dates for a new and exciting year!  I’m happy, grateful, and I want to thank each and everyone of you for being with me for the ride.  Thank you for your support and loyalty, it means so much to me!

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Announcing the New Kelly Richey Band Lineup

Announcing the New Kelly Richey Band Lineup:

I’m excited and truly honored to announce my new lineup for 2015!  Tobe “TOBOTIUS” Donohue will be joining me on drums and Rikk Manning will be joining me on bass guitar!  WOW!  I’ve had more fun at rehearsals the past few weeks than I’ve had in years.  I honestly can’t wait to hit the stage with these guys!  We’ll be dishing out mostly new material (with some older KRB favorites here and there) with a killer new sound that is totally ROCKIN’.…!  I’m so excited to share the stage with these guys— we are definitely gonna have a blast, and we can’t wait to rock the house for our fans!


Tobe Donohue is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been producing music and performing with some of the biggest names in hip-hop and modern music for years. Head engineer and producer for the last fifteen years for Bootzilla Productions, Tobe’s worked with Bootsy Collins in the studio and shot commercials with athletes including LeBron James and big name actors like Samuel L. Jackson.

Tobe  played in the alt rock group, “LAZY ROCKET” for 10 years as a drummer, DJ and programmer (sequencer sampling, etc.), and he’s played with Bernie Worrell Orchestra, Buckethead, Color Me Badd, DJ Hit-Tek, Creeper Lagoon, Glue, Headtronicks,  MC Paul Barman. Currently, in addition to the Kelly Richey Band, Tobe is performing with Iswhat?!, Algorhythmix, Weathered Feather, Piahkhan, and Fam Gemz.

Tobe also runs his own record label and studio, Manimal Records, established in 2001. As a side project Tobotius and Freekbass also performed together as Freekbot. In addition, Tobe heads Animal Crackers, the US champions in 2007 of the coveted Technics DMC Award.

In 2014, Tobe produced “The Kelly Richey Band LIVE at The Blue Wisp”, and since February 2015 he has filled the role of my production engineer for building my new solo show.  Tobe has been producing tracks for my upcoming CD, and will take the stage as my drummer— in the style of The Black Keys, R.L. Burnside, and The White Stripes, for this years’ festival shows.

Tobe Tobotius Donohue 1


From Dayton, Ohio, Rikk is a rock solid, high energy bassist demonstrating blistering technical skill, solid groove, pure energy, and a few unique tricks up his sleeve. He displays a wide range of ability working in genres from progressive rock/jazz fusion (performing with the Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion ( to hard funk (as a writing and performing member of Funtime Freddy (— all the way to classic R&B and jazz standards (performing with vocal/bass duo The Mannings ( That just names a few of the musicians that Rikk has worked with during his extensive career.

Rikk is not only an accomplished performer, he is a composer and producer in his own right. Rikk’s debut solo single “Right out of the Gate” ( featuring performances from powerhouses Chris Carver on keys, John Arthur Gentry Jr. on guitar, Jason Palmer on drums, and special guest Philip Lassiter on trumpet was released in March 2015. The single is true to the style of Rikk’s influences, such as: Stanley Clarke, Larry Graham, James Jamerson, Geddy Lee, Adam Nitti, Jaco Pastorius, Jermaine Morgan, Marcus Miller, Rocco Prestia, Roger Waters, and Victor Wooten.

Rikk recently joined forces with the Kelly Richey Band and has this to say: ”The opportunity to collaborate and perform with Kelly Richey could not have come at a more perfect time in my career.  Raw power and technical prowess rooted in blues is exactly where I want to stretch my musical legs right now. Being able to get out on the festival circuit this summer to share this passion with Kelly and her dedicated fan base is a true pleasure!”

Rikk is a family man with a wife and two young daughters. He and his wife are very involved and connected to the community in their small town outside of Dayton, Ohio. His family sponsors several events throughout the year for the Carrie Vanderbeek Memorial (, which is a yearly scholarship awarded through Muse Machine of Dayton, Ohio to help one graduate of Valley View High School interested in the study of the arts pay for college tuition.

Rikk B&W1

Kelly Richey News & Updates

Kelly Richey News & Updates

This past week I delivered three school programs as an “Artist On Tour” for the Cincinnati Arts Association.  This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work with kids in 1st – 6th grade, and they were so much fun!  I gave a short history of the blues and helped the students see how the music we listen to today is heavily influenced by the blues.  I also pointed out that we all have a story to tell— and music and art are very powerful ways to express ourselves.  After performing several songs and giving a short teaching, I spent the last half of each of the programs letting the students come up and rap to beats I created on my drum machine— the students were great!  First and second graders took the mic just as fast as the older kids!  I was amazed by their openness to be on stage.  Music and art are so important to the development of our young people.  It’s an honor to deliver these programs and to be an Artist On Tour for the CAA!

Bond Hill Elementary School, Hays Porter Elementary School, Carson Elementary School

Kelly Richey as an Artist on Tour for the Cincinnati Arts Association_Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey as an Artist on Tour for the Cincinnati Arts Association_Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey Solo

In addition to the school programs this week, I played three solo shows– the first show was to a packed house in my home town of Lexington, KY for a monthly event held at the Tadoo Lounge!  Lexington has grown so much since I moved to Cincinnati in 1997…!  They have worked hard to build awareness for music and art in the community and it shows — I was honored to play in support of the event for the CD release celebration of Chris Sullivan’s “Western Movies” official CD Release Party!  My solo shows continued as I returned to a slammin’ crowd in Maysville, KY where the dance floor was packed as I rolled out new beats and grooves for my show.  Art of Entertaining was an early show on Valentine’s Day, and it turned into a real party with one the areas best food and wine tasting venues! I’m having an absolute blast playing new original material and bringing back originals that I have continued requests for (and do not have in my current show with the band)!

Kelly Richey in hte Studio_1.25.2015_Photos by Sonya Ziegler_8 - 56

Kelly Richey Returns To The Studio

This week I head back to Lexington, KY to record my next round of songs at Shangri-La Productions with Duane Lundy.  I’m so excited— I’ve been writing like crazy lately!  I’m having so much fun creating soundscapes, beats and grooves– and they’ve opened up many new doors for inspiration.  When I wrote Sweet Spirit I used drum loops, but they were loops from a program that were not tailored for each song.  Now with the new tools and gear that I have, I’m finding that I’m reaching new levels in my writing and my guitar playing. I’m taking some of my lyrics from poems in my poetry book “Whisperings”…  I’m having fun playing, writing, and creating songs that have been waiting to come out for many years.  I’ve worked up several of the new songs with the band, and the latest songs will be performed at my upcoming solo shows!  I’ll be recording songs “Fadin’” (from my poem “No Way Out”), So Afraid To Die (from my poem “Once Again”) and “Just Like A River” (from my poem “Love Is Like A River”).

Kelly Richey in Shangri-La Studios with Duane Lundy_Photo by Sonya Ziegler

The Kelly Richey Band LIVE

This week the Kelly Richey Band hits the road again for shows in Indiana and Michigan.  It felt great to play with the guys last week for the Cincinnati Blues Winter Blues Fest, and this week we brave the cold to bring some red hot funky blues to the Midwest — on the road AGAIN!!!  Please check out our show info below and please help spread the word!

February 20, 2015 – 9pm    
204 S Buffalo St
Warsaw, IN 46580
Phone : (574) 267-5066
Contact Website :

February 21, 2015 – 8pm    
2105 South Blvd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Phone : (248) 858-9508
Contact Website :

Next week the KRB heads to South Bend, IN for one of my favorite venues anywhere– the famous Midway Tavern!  We will be on Ole Harv’s Blues Revue that afternoon before we play, so tune in if you’re far away and come catch the show if you’re near by!

February 28, 2015 – 9pm    
Martha’s Midway Tavern    
810 West 4th Street
Mishawaka, IN 46544
Phone : (574) 255-0458
Contact Website :

Kelly Richey Band Live_Freekbass, Big Bamn and Kelly Richey_Photo by Sonya Ziegler

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey Band News & Updates

Kelly Richey Band News & Updates

The past two weeks have continued to be a very busy whirlwind.  Whew!  After our tour to Western Canada and then Australia, the band hit the states of Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, New York and finally Ontario, Canada.  Our tour down South was an absolute blast!  We had a show at the Bradfordville Blues Club— one of my favorite Blues clubs in the country.  This club is an historical landmark and is also part of “The Blues Trail: Mississippi to Florida”.  Check out this photo of the sign that lives just outside the walls of this club — it tells the story!

Kelly Richey Band on The Blues Trail Mississippi to Florida - Bradfordville Blues Club

KRB played at the Capitol Oyster Bar in Montgomery Alabama… this was a new club for KRB, and we were welcomed by a very warm crowd, beautiful weather, and great food.  I also had the chance to meet up with one of my best friends from high school, who showed up with all of her friends and family.  Thank you so much, Angela for coming out to see us! Here’s a photo of Angela and myself right before the band took the stage:

Kelly Richey and Angela Stone Cummins - 32

The KRB returned home for a few days, and then on Thursday we were back in the van to drive through the night as we headed through New York City for our show in Long Island.  This was an intimate show at a new club called Treme—  a beautiful little spot packed full of music lovers and Long Island Blues Society fans, all arriving to see the band for our first show in the area after almost nine years.

Kelly Richey and Big Bamn at Treme in Islip NY- Photo by Phillip Alexander

Photo by Philip Alexander

An added bonus: I had a TrueFire student travel three hours to the show from New Jersey, where we finally met face-to-face after working together via the TrueFire video platform for over a year.  It was so awesome to meet my student, James!  Here’s a photo of James and myself after our show:

Kelly Richey and TrueFire guitar student James Lavorgna - 35

Kelly Richey Band crossing border at Peace Bridge into Canada - 37

Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, the band headed over the “Peace Bridge” to cross into the Canadian border for our 6th time this year to play the Canal Bank Shuffle Blues Festival in Thorold, Ontario, Canada.  There were multiple venues for this show, and we were the headliner in the concert hall featuring all female-fronted blues acts.  We took the stage right after one of the favorite local Buffalo area blues artists, Maria Aurigema!!!  WOW!  Maria and her band rocked the house and got the crowd ready for us to complete a night of great shows!  Here’s a photo of Maria and myself backstage before our performance — please be sure to check her out!  Maria was up on the dance hall tables where she actually put one of her stilettos heels through the table… folks, you can’t make this stuff up!   I’ve added a second photo to show that we went from stilettos heels to biker boots that night, and the crowd loved it!  Thank you to all who came out that evening!

Kelly Richey and Maria Aurigema - 34

Kelly Richey and Maria Aurigema shoes - 33

As soon as we hit the green room we ran into our great friend and radio supporter, Anita West from Bufflao’s home of the blues at radio station WBFO. Thank you Anita, you always make us feel so welcome, and we really appreciate all you do to help support live music! Here’s a photo of the KRB and Anita taken while we were waiting for our veggie pizza to arrive!

Kelly Richey Band and Anita West - 36

Finally, for our last few shows in late October, the Kelly Richey Band will be at Darwin’s in Marietta, Georgia, and also at The Firehouse in Richmond, Indiana.  Darwin’s is a club the KRB played frequently from 2005 through 2009.  This will be our first time back since the venue changed hands.  We are really looking forward to our return, and can’t wait to see some old friends and fans.  Please come out to see us if you live in the area, we’d love to see you!

The Firehouse is a new venue for the band, so please help spread the word.  We’ve heard great things about this club and look forward to the show!

If you live within driving distance to either of these clubs, please come join the fun and make your plans now to spend the evening with us!

Experience The Kelly Richey Band LIVE!!!

Friday – October 24, 2014 – 9:30pm
Darwin’s Burgers and Blues
1598 Roswell Rd Marietta, GA
Venue: (770) 509-2664

Saturday – October 25, 2014 – 9pm
The Firehouse
400 N. 8th St.
Richmond, IN 47374
Venue: 765-488-0312