Kemper Profile Amp

Meet my new guitar rig! I recently tested the Kemper Profile Amp, and I’m glad I did. Yemi Oyediran turned me on to the Kemper when I played the King Records Tribute at the Contemporary Arts Center in August. I liked the portability of the amp, and the sounds were cool, but it’s a complex unit to tweak, and I didn’t have time to get it fully dial in before the show. I almost passed on the amp, but this magic box allows you to profile of your exact guitar rig. I was intrigued, and I couldn’t help but give it a try.

Kemper Profile AmpYemi was kind enough to offer to profile my guitar rig at his studio, so I packed up my rig and began the journey into the land of profiling amps. I took my 1967 Fender Princeton Reve amp, with JHS Boost/Buffer, Fulltone Wah Pedal, Strymon OB 1, Strymon Sunset, POG, Eventide H9, TC Electronics Tripple Flashback Delay, and 63 Fender Strat. Yemi put a Neumann U87 and Avalon per amp, and we captured my clean, tan and brown sound– WOW! I was very impressed. I also purchased the Michael Britt’s complete profiles collection and was blown away! If you get this amp, these profiles are an absolute must– seriously!

Kelly Richey Guitar RigThe Kemper allows you to use eight effects and control everything with their controller. The controller has a nice built-in Looper however it does not sync with Ableton or other time sources (bummer!). I added my Pigtronix Infinity Looper and 4-foot controllers, Looptimus to trigger Ableton loops, and I’m set. The rig sounds amazing in the studio, and it’s coming close so far on stage. I’m trying to get the right speaker configuration AND still, keep my setup as simple as possible.

Kelly Richey Guitar RigI’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that there is NO perfect guitar rig and guitar gear is the best addiction a musician can hope for!

Stay tuned as I plan on shooting a video with full setup and tones for you to check out! I’ve included a few photos I captured in my studio…

Kelly Richey