I believe that each of us has a unique purpose in life, something we were most designed to do and to be. Living a life of true purpose requires self-discovery, commitment, and a willingness to grow. Personal growth invites us to move past our comfort zone and explore new possibilities. For years I mistook my talent for my purpose; our purpose is what we do with our talents. I am a Certified True Purpose Coach and True Purpose Coach Group Leader, trained in Voice Dialogue, and I am committed to working with individuals and groups to find clarity and alignment with their higher purpose in life. I am a Certified Dream Coach and Cream Coach Group Leader, a Certified Writing Facilitator with Women Writing for (a) Change, and in training to become a Spiritual Director through Wellstreams, Spirituality Network. I help clients take their goals and dreams from intention to integrity, and support them to transform their unique gifts and talents into their higher purpose in life.



True Purpose™ Coaching

True Purpose Coaching is a process that helps you learn to identify the difference between the internal conversations in your mind and the true calling you feel in your heart. This process may include prayer, meditation, contemplation, dream work, and “active imagination,” a Jungian listening and writing technique, depending on your own personal beliefs.

As a True Purpose coach, I find that most people know what they feel called to do, but not how to do it.  When we’re young adults, life is geared toward exploration, education, developing skills, gaining experience, and forging a path that we hope to be uniquely our own. Yet the reality is that we all need to earn a living, and if we choose a partner and decide to have children, what’s important to us becomes only one factor in a life that is shared with the people we love.

It’s typically not until mid-life that people begin to question the deeper meaning of their lives – especially once their children grow up and leave home, or they lose a parent or close friend. The True Purpose process teaches you how to build a new relationship with yourself and continue that relationship for the rest of your life.

Additional Training: Trained in Voice Dialogue 2010

Dream CoachingTM

The dream coach process is a fun and fascinating way of learning how to identify your goals. It also shows you exactly what steps to take to ensure that your goals and dreams don’t vanish into thin air, but instead become laser-focused into reality.

I use a proven ten-session method of coaching that will provide you the tools to live a deeply satisfying life. I will help you reconnect with your dreams and visions, overcome your fears and doubts, set crystal-clear intentions, live in absolute integrity with yourself, and learn precisely how to move forward in your life.

Interested in learning more about True Purpose Coaching™ or Dream Coaching™? Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation by emailing me at k[email protected] or calling me at 513.404.1820.

About Page:

Through her private coaching practice, Powered by Intention, Kelly Richey takes her clients through processes designed to help individuals identify the specific obstacles that hold back from doing what they truly love. “I know from personal experience that this process enables you to identify what you were best designed to do and to be in this life,” explains Kelly.

A firm believer in self-improvement, Richey holds several life-coaching, personal, and spiritual development certifications, including:

  • Certified True Purpose Coach
  • Certified True Purpose Coach Group Leader
  • Certified Dream Coach
  • Certified Dream Coach Group Leader
  • Certified Facilitator, Women Writing for (a) Change®
  • Training in Voice Dialog

She is also enrolled in a three-year training program to become certified as a Spiritual Director at Wellstreams in Columbus, Ohio.

One of her coaching mentors describes Kelly as “an incredibly caring coach who is completely dedicated to helping her clients unlock the secret of their purpose and live it with full consciousness.” Another colleague calls her “one amazing woman… I can honestly say that the depth of her commitment to herself, her growth, her health, and her professional performance is nothing short of stellar.”

Click here for more testimonials from her mentors and clients.

True PurposeTM Coaching: The One-On-One Process

This intensive course demands an elevated level of personal commitment and requires 14 one-hour sessions, conducted via telephone or Skype, to complete. Please note that you’ll have a moderate amount of homework to do as well, including journaling and time for self-reflection. To facilitate your journey, you’ll receive a special workbook and CD.

I will be your support and your teacher as we navigate through the following seven essential steps:

  • Purpose Hunting: Discovering your unique gifts and your true purpose in life.
  • Clearing a Path through the Ego: Dealing with the fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from seeing your purpose clearly.
  • Identifying Trusted Sources: Determining who, or what, already knows your true purpose.
  • Making Contact: Establishing two-way communication with your chosen trusted source.
  • Getting Purpose Information: Learning how to effectively interview your trusted source daily.
  • Interpreting the Information: Exploring ways to validate your trusted source, sort and interpret the information, and create and test purpose statements.
  • Planning Your Life: Establishing purposeful practices, making life decisions and plans, and getting permission from your ego to live an important and purposeful life!

Dream CoachingTM: The One-On-One Process

This course is comprised of ten one-hour, highly structured coaching sessions delivered via telephone or Skype. To ensure faster results, you’ll be given a workbook with homework assignments to be completed between sessions. Each week, we’ll focus on a new teaching topic together:

  • Week 1: Setting an Intention
  • Week 2: Integrity – The Key to Manifestation
  • Week 3:  Living on Purpose
  • Week 4: Accessing Your Dreamer
  • Week 5: Learning from Your Doubter
  • Week 6: Believe in Your Dreams
  • Week 7: Failure Can Lead to Success
  • Week 8: Taking Serious Steps Forward
  • Week 9: Building Your Dream Team
  • Week 10: Living as a Dreamer