Kelly Richey Band CD Release Parties

Kelly Richey Band CD Release Parties
Oddbody’s: December 19th, 2015
“Shakedown Soul” CD Release

Rikk Manning, Tobe “TOBOTIUS” Donohue, and Kelly Richey hit the stage at Oddbody’s this past Saturday night performing songs from their new album “Shakedown Soul”.  There were three bands on the bill: Kelly Richey Band, Doug Hart Band, & The Beaumonts We enjoyed playing with both bands and I’d like to offer a special thanks to Doug Hart for putting this show together!

This Saturday night kicked off the first of six CD release parties for the KRB fan base until festival season begins! Here’s a list of Kelly Richey Band CD Release Parties:

01/15 & 16/16 – Crossroads Bar & Grill – 8:00pm
2580 West Hwy 5, Peachtree City, GA
Venue phone: (678)736-3318

01/17/16 – Barley’s in Maryville – 7:00pm
128 W. Broadway, Maryville, TN
Venue phone: 865-983-0808

02/06/16 – Phoenix Club – 11:15pm
812 Race St., Cincinnati, OH
Venue phone: (513) 721-8901

02/20/16 – Martha’s Midway Tavern – 9:00pm
810 W 4th St., Mishawaka, IN
Venue phone: (574) 255-0458

02/27/16 – Callahan’s Music Hall – 8:00pm
2105 South Boulevard, Auburn Hills, MI
Venue phone: (248) 858-9508

Kelly Richey Band_Oddbodys_Photos by Sonya ZieglerRikk Manning, Tobe “TOBOTIUS” Donohue, and Kelly Richey
Kelly Richey Band_Oddbodys_Photos by Sonya ZieglerTobe “TOBOTIUS” Donohue

Kelly Richey Band_Oddbodys_Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Rikk Manning

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Back In The Saddle AGAIN…!

Back In The Saddle AGAIN…!

Rikk Manning, Tobe “TOBOTIUS” Donohue, and Kelly Richey are back in the saddle again with the release of Kelly Richey’s brand new album “Shakedown Soul”. This Saturday night kicks off the first of six CD release parties for the KRB fan base until festival season begins!

12/19/15 – Kelly Richey Band – 8pm
Dayton, OH    – Oddbody’s Music Room

Tonight the band was rehearsing in Kelly’s studio— working out the kinks and getting the new songs ready for the live show, which is sure to be ROCKIN! Be sure to check out the story behind the making of “Shakedown Soul”…

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya Ziegler

If You Wanna Rock – We’re Gonna Roll!
Kelly Richey’s “SHAKEDOWN SOUL”

“Shakedown Soul” has been a journey filled with profound personal growth, just as all of my prior sixteen CD’s have been. Let me tell you the story:

I went to Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Productions in December 2014 with 5 songs that I’d written to drum loops. I wanted to cut them live with drummer Robby Cozensa, Robby is a brilliant drummer and we approached the sessions like the White Stripes and The Black Keys— raw, real and organic. We added bass and keys, mixed, and did a basic mastering process. I also recorded two music videos, “Love” and “Afraid To Die” for release in February and March of 2015 and started booking and playing shows.

During my continued writing for “Shakedown Soul”, I had begun putting together a solo show and hired Tobe “Tobotius” Donohue to help me design my “spaceship” with loops, beats and new exciting elements that were cool and fun to work with. I was having a blast! While working with Tobe one day I asked him to play a set of drums set up in his studio— Woah!!! I was taken aback! He sounded like John Bonham and the loops he gave me that day sounded like a blend of blues, rock, funk and hip-hop— just what I’d dreamed of playing to in a solo setting.

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya ZieglerCurious, I asked Tobe if he would consider playing festivals only with me, (if I could find a bass player that made him want to play!) He said he would consider it, but stressed that he too wanted to do something that was fun, creative and inspiring. I went on a search and after several weeks of looking I found Rikk Manning. Tobe, Rikk and myself met up in my studio with the new songs and songs from my most recent live CD, started playing and, WOW magic began to happen! During the course of 2015, I played over 25 festivals and concerts with my new rhythm section and I’ve honestly never known such musical or professional happiness! I had long-time Kelly Richey Band fans saying, “This is the best I’ve every heard you sound”, and, “I’ve never seen you having so much fun AND where on earth did you find these awesome guys!!!???”

All the while, I kept song writing and I wrote some of the strongest material I’ve written to date….songs that access the deepest parts of my soul. The writing process was interwoven with my training to become a facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change (WWF(a)C) where I had three week long workshop intensives this summer to write and develop. That has been a very rewarding experience and one that I will treasure forever.

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya ZieglerIn early October of this year I attended a writing workshop with Mary Gauthier, one of my absolute favorite songwriters of all time, and there I wrote the last song for the new CD. I called it, “I Want To Run”— a deeply personal and prophetic song that captured many of the struggles I faced and have continued to face as an artist and a human being. I give song writing credit to Mary as her advice throughout the workshop helped me to see the song that needed to be written. She helped me find the truth I was afraid to write about and ultimately afraid to face. Songwriting credits on “Shakedown Soul” are also given to Sonya Ziegler because she has been my musical sounding board for over five years now— she was very much involved in the development of my solo show, my acoustic CD “Finding My Way Back Home”, my poetry book “Whisperings – A Collection Of Poems By Blues Guitarist Kelly Richey”, my last studio CD release “Sweet Spirit”, and now “Shakedown Soul”.

The angst, joy, new growth in learning to accept myself, facing some hard truths and fears, and personal development process I’ve been through this past year has been just that, a “shakedown” of my very soul.

This past October I celebrated being sober now for 6 years but it’s just recently that I’ve started into a 12-step recovery process because I find that as a person with an addictive personality, being an “a-holic” continues in the form of negative patterns and ways of behaving until really being dealt with. For me, I’m a workaholic and the struggle with self worth is non-ending. There is no amount of success that can heal such wounds, so I’m happy to share that this year has presented many things to be thankful for— sobriety for 6 years, an amazing collection of friends that support and love me, Sonya Ziegler whom has stood by my side through the difficulties that a busy career and personal struggles presented, my mom and dad for loving me unconditionally, and you— each and every one of you who’s taking the time to read these words.

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya ZieglerAfter touring with my band this summer and sharing so much magic on stage, I knew that I wanted Tobe to produce the CD— and I asked for he and Rikk to play on the tracks. During the recording process we didn’t even see each other, as we all have our own personal recording studios, we all trusted each other musically. I asked Tobe to bring in elements of his production skills like “scratching”, DJ work, and his hip-hop and funk background from years of production work with Bootsy Collins, and I said “Dude, make me cool!” And he did… coupled with Rikk Manning’s stunning bass work throughout these tracks; laying down the best and deepest bass grooves I’ve EVER heard in my life! WOW— I’m thrilled! Sonya Ziegler did the amazing artwork and photography for the CD, and designer Gary Kelley put it all together. Their team work to bring Sonya’s artistic master to print is the icing on the cake. Me, I just play guitar and sing! LOL!

I’m proud to introduce to you “Shakedown Soul”— and I’m releasing this to my fan base first, before taking the CD to national press and radio. With your order, you’ll get an immediate FREE download of ”Shakedown Soul” to listen to while you wait for the hardcopy of the CD’s arrival on your doorstep.

I Thank you in advance for giving me a place to land in this crazy and wonderful musical landscape. I can’t wait for you to hear “Shakedown Soul”!

KRB Rehearsal_Photo by Sonya Ziegler


Friday night Kelly Richey will be flying solo in Waterville, which is just outside of Toledo, Ohio— at 3rd Street Cigar, home of John Henry’s blues club. If you’re in the area stop by and prepare yourself for a special sonic treat as Kelly burns up the fretboard on her vintage ’65 Strat. It’s a show you won’t forget!

12/18/2015 at 08:00 PM
Waterville, OH

A Tribute to Gene Curtis R.I.P. — For those who knew Gene Curtis he loved the BLUES and one of his all-time favorite artist was Kelly Richey . In a tribute to Gene Curtis his life and the contributions that he made to the Blues Music scene, Kelly Richey will perform a live performance dedicated to Gene Curtis! The performance will be Friday December 18th from 8:30 to 11:30 at Third Street Cigar in Waterville, Ohio. We invite all to attend and remember Gene and enjoy the music that he so dearly loved.

Photos by Sonya Ziegler

Kelly Richey News & Updates

Kelly Richey News & Updates

“Shakedown Soul” has arrived and starts shipping on Monday to Kelly Richey Fans only!  For a limited time – get a FREE digital download of the CD immediately when you purchase the NEW CD!  All CD’s will be autographed by the band!


Kelly Richey News & Updates Splash PageCheck out the list of CD Release Parties:


12/10/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – Live On Air Performance – 6:30pm
Louisville, KY – Crescent Hill Radio All – WCHQ 100.9 FM

12/11/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – Live On Air Performance – 9am    
Louisville, KY – WHAS TV 11 – Great Day Live

12/11/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – 8pm    
Louisville, KY – The Planet Bar & Bistro
Special Guest – “Julius”

12/18/15 – Kelly Richey Solo – 8pm
Waterville, OH    Third Street Cigar


12/19/15 – Kelly Richey Band – 8pm
Dayton, OH    – Oddbody’s Music RoomKelly Richey News & Updates - ShakedownSoul-Poster

Kelly Richey News & Updates - Women Writing for (a) Change WRITING WORKSHOP:

12/05/15 – The Many Faces of Writers Block – 12:30pm to 3pm
Saturdays, December 5th, 12th, and 19th, 2015

Women Writing for (a) Change
6906 Plainfield Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Venue phone: 513-272-1171

Cost: $60 for series (sliding scale available)

Kelly Richey is a certified writing facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change (affiliated with the WWf(a)C in Cincinnati, Ohio and offers writing circles and writing workshops.

Writers Block: Three Part Series – this workshop can be run as a full day event with three two-hour sessions and lunch break, or as a workshop, or as a series with three separate sessions at two and a half hours each.  Series description below:

  • Session I – The Inner Critic
  • Session II – Procrastinator
  • Session III – The Muse

Have you ever experienced writer’s block, suffered from procrastination, or had your writing muse show up when you’re busy only to vanish when you finally clear time to write? In this three-part series, you will make space for the many voices in your head who can block your writing and reflect on your relationships with them. Through writing, sharing, listening, and discussing, we create an inner writing circle for each of us to return to in our busy lives whenever we are feeling stuck. Connect with your Muse and learn what it needs to remain present!

Kelly Richey is an award-winning blues musician, poet, songwriter, guitar teacher, and life coach.  Richey has made her mark through the power of her voice, figuratively and literally.  Kelly leads writing workshops as a facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change and was certified through the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA).