Kelly Richey joins forces with Sherri McGee to form a new power duo is called The Spear Shakers– a force to be reckoned with.  Richey’s vision to develop an all-original power duo was inspired by her love for the White Stripes and the Black Keys. The name “Spear Shaker” comes from the Greek goddess Athena, a spear shaker who shook her spear in the face of justice!

The Speak Shakers are currently in the studio recording a new release and shooting their first music video for release in late fall, 2018.  The band will be playing a limited number of shows while recording and preparing to tour in mid-2019, so keep your eyes wide open as the Spear Shakers explode on the scene this fall…!!!

The Spear Shakers Live:
August, 25th, 2018 performance at the Greenwich in Cincinnati, OH
Set One Spear Shakers LIVE
Set Two Spear Shakers LIVE