TrueFire Presents – Building A Strong Blues Foundation

TrueFire Foundry courses are independently produced courses presented by a hand-picked selection of top-notch artists and educators from around the world. Filmed in the educator’s own studio, Foundry courses bring fresh educational concepts and very effective teaching methodologies to TrueFire Students. Kelly Richey’s Foundry course, Building a Strong Blues Foundation will teach essential skills and repertoire for the beginning blues guitar player.

Hello I’m Kelly Richey and welcome to my TrueFire Foundry course, Building a Strong Blues Foundation, which I produced in my own studio.

This course is geared for the beginner to intermediate guitar student and is an invaluable collection of expert tips and well-guided instruction, broken down by into easy to understand parts. I will teach you everything you need to know to get proficient quickly, including: basic music theory, open chords, bar chords, pentatonic scales, fundamental blues guitar soloing techniques, foundational blues songs, right and left hand independence, how to build hand strength, and so much more!

Building A Strong Blues Foundation

You’ll learn my personal “road map” of techniques for powerful blues guitar soloing, and I’ll make sure your practice time is fun and very rewarding with seven professionally recorded rhythm tracks to practice to.

You’ll learn how to play rhythm guitar and lead guitar to several blues/rock progressions. I will provide professionally recorded rhythm tracks for each of these blues progressions, so that you can have fun practicing and experimenting while learning to play with a fantastic rhythm section. This will help you learn to play lead guitar solos much quicker!

I’ll teach you a unique system for learning to view the neck of your guitar in precise patterns to easily learn (and remember) the minor and major pentatonic scales. You’ll also learn how to how to make two pentatonic scales patterns cover the entire neck of the guitar, thus promoting the development of powerful core fingerings for speed, accuracy, and endurance during your guitar solos.

During the course, you’ll learn how to develop a personalized, effective practice routine, and you’ll learn three essential finger exercises to build hand strength, dexterity, and solid physical connection with your guitar.

My personal hand strengthening exercise is guaranteed to strengthen every muscle that you use to play guitar with! I’ve also included bonus tracks that show you how to properly change your guitar strings, and tune your guitar.
Take your playing to the next level with Building a Strong Blues Foundation and gain a rock-solid set of lifelong tools to play blues/rock guitar with power, creativity, precision, and independence.

Building A Strong Blues Foundation (Instant Download)

Building A Strong Blues Foundation (Disc + Download)

NOTE! Kelly Richey organized the course into 8 weekly sections for those students that prefer to have a specified regimen of material across a specified time schedule. However, for those students who prefer to work at their own pace, or even skip around you are certainly encouraged to approach the course in that way as well.