THE HEALING ARTS | Workshops & Retreats

Powered by Intention offers restorative retreats that incorporate yoga, writing, and personal development practices that promote self-care.  These retreats are fun, life-enhancing and they offer respite from the daily stress that life can bring.  

You do not have to be experienced at yoga, and you do not have to consider yourself a writer. Powered by Intention offers the following yoga and writing retreats that are fun, life-enhancing and offer respite from the daily stress that life can bring.

Kelly Richey, dream coach, true purpose coach and writing facilitator for Women Writing for (a) Change, uses her writing program “A Piece of Paper Always Listens,” to help participants to discover their unique voice, creative gifts, and talents. Tamara White (RYT 200) uses restorative yoga practices that focus on relaxation, renewal, and effortlessness.  These practices help soothe your nervous system, help quiet your mind and invite you to release deeply held tension.

Retreat themes and workshops offered through Powered by Intention: “Intention to Integrity,” “Awakening Your Dreamer,” “Overcoming Blocks & Fears,” “Building a Deeper Connection Within,” and “Finding Your True Purpose.”

Life, The Ultimate Art Project:

Intention to Integrity: Our lives are filled with commitments we make to others, but commitments to ourselves are often last on the list. We will explore setting an intention, what it is to be in integrity with ourselves and how to cultivate true self-care.

Awakening Your Dreamer: Allowing ourselves to dream can trigger doubts and fears. If you could dream without fears or limitations, what would you dream…?

Overcoming Blocks & Fears: Building a healthy relationship with our Inner Critic, our Procrastinator, and our Muse, takes a little work, but it’s worth it– and it can be fun! When we enroll the support of these three parts, we can empower ourselves with the tools needed to remove blocks, overcome fears and embrace our creativity, so we have the freedom to dream.

Building a Deeper Connection Within: Learning to listen in our world today may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not. When we take time to build a connecting with our internal voice, we tap into one of the most valuable assets we have. We will explore ways to quite the world around us so we can hear the world within.

Living Your True Purpose: It’s easy to mistake our talents for our purpose; our purpose is what we do with our talents. Life is a journey, not a destination, and navigating a path of true purpose requires an internal GPS. We will explore four creative ways to access our internal GPS and to harness its power.